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Document call

The document callback data has an attribute documentName, which represents the name given to the document or the type, in case of any of those documents:
  • certificate
  • ein
  • postFormationDocuments
  • postIncorporationDocuments
  • other
The link attribute (inside the data object) will be a temporary link from Amazon S3 Bucket, that expires in 24 hours. We advise downloading the document as soon as the callback is received.

New document body:

"referralId": "EI5F2318",
"status": "new document",
"data": {
"documentName": "Operation Agreement - Awesome Company name. Single Member - Owner name.docx",
"documentType": "postFormationDocuments",
"createAT": "2022-06-20T18:29:18+00:00",
"link": ""

Document remove:

"referralId": "EI7876FF",
"status": "document remove",
"data": {
"documentName": "ein document.pdf",
"documentType": "ein"